Learning Ally Audio App is Now Free

According to a recent entry at the Assistive Technology Blog, Learning Ally has reduced the cost of their iOS app to free. Available only to Learning Ally members, the app previously cost $19.99. The app is compatible with both the iPad and iPhone. The app is the easiest way to listen to Learning Ally books on your iOS device.

For all the new features, the user experience is weakened by the absence of key features such as the ability to browse the Learning Ally catalogue directly from your iOS device, or to do background downloads or background audio play back. When listening to an audio book you cannot follow along with an e-book because the audio book will automatically pause. Also in order to download an audio book you first must add the book to your bookshelf via a web browser.  Perhaps these in time, these features and others will be added to enrich the user experience.

A quick start guide is available as a PDF or Word document. For answers to common questions, check out the FAQ section and to view screen shots of the app in action, consult the quick start guide.




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