Reading Lists on Learning Disabilities

The National Center for Learning Disabilities has put together two reading lists, one for parents of children and teens with learning disabilities and a second list designed to appeal to teens with LD.

Recommended Reading for Parents of Children and Teens with LD

  • Raising Resilient Children by Robert Brooks and Sam Goldstein.
  • A Special Education: One Family’s Journey through the Maze of Learning Disabilities by Dana Buchman and Charlotte Farber.
  • The Dyslexic Advantage by Brock L. Eide and Fernette F. Eide.
  • A Special Mother: Getting through the early days of a child’s diagnosis of learning disabilities and related disorders by Anne Ford and John-Richard Thompson.
  • Parenting a Struggling Reader by Susan Hall and Louisa Moats.
  • Driven to Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood Through Adulthood by Edward M. Hallowell and John J. Ratey.
  • Making the System Work for Your Child with ADHD by Peter S. Jensen Jensen.
  • It’s So Much Work to Be Your Friend: Helping the Child with Learning Disabilities Find Social Success by Richard Lavoie.
  • True Stories about Real People Succeeding with LD by Jill Laure.
  • A Mind at a Time by Mel Levine.
  • Ready for Take-Off: Preparing Your Teen with ADHD or LD for College by Theresa E. Laurie Maitland and Patricia O. Quinn.
  • Learning Disabilities and ADHD: A Family Guide to Living and Learning Together by Betty Osman.
  • My Dyslexia by Philip Schultz.
  • Overcoming Dyslexia: A New and Complete Science-Based Program for Reading Problems at Any Level by Sally Shaywitz.
  • Guide to Learning Disabilities for Primary Care: How to screen, identify, manage and advocate for children with learning disabilities by Larry Silver and Dana Silver.
  • School Success for Kids with ADHD by Stephan Silverman, Jacqueline Iseman, and Sue Jeweler
  • From Emotions to Advocacy: The Special Education Survival Guide by Peter Wright and Pamela Darr.

Recommended Reading for Teens with LD

  • My Thirteenth Winter: A Memoir by Samantha Abeel.
  • Caged in Chaos: A Dyspraxic Guide to Breaking Free by Victoria Biggs.
  • ADHD in HD: Brains Gone Wild by Jonathan Chesner.
  • Positively ADD: Real Success Stories to Inspire Your Dreams by Catherine A Corman, and Edward M. Hallowell
  • Applying to College for Students with ADD or LD: A Guide to Keep You (And Your Parents) Sane, Satisfied, and Organized Through the Admissions Process by Blythe Grossberg.
  • Where’s My Stuff? The Ultimate Teen Organizing Guide by Samantha Moss and Lesley Schwartz.
  • Survival Guide for College Students with ADHD or LD by Kathleen Nadeau.
  • It’s So Much Work to Be Your Friend: Helping the Child with Learning Disabilities Find Social Success by Richard Lavoie.
  • Learning Disabilities: The Ultimate Teen Guide by Penny Hutchins Paquette and Cheryl Gerson Tuttle.
  • Bluefish by Pat Schmatz.
  • Dyslexia Wonders by Jennifer Smith.
  • College Success for Students with Learning Disabilities by Cynthia Simpson and Vicky Spencer.
  • ADHD and Me: What I Learned from Lighting Fires at the Dinner Table by Blake E. S Taylor.
  • Backwards Forward: My Journey through Dyslexia by Catherine Hirschman.

For more information and helpful resources about learning disabilities, visit the National Center for Learning Disabilities at:



WINAHEAD is made up of representatives from thirty institutions. Our members are professionals employed by two- and four-year colleges and universities who work directly with students with disabilities to ensure equal access to higher education. WIN indicates the geographic area we represent: Western Iowa and Nebraska. AHEAD is our national parent organization, the Association on Higher Education and Disability.
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