Study Finds Siblings are Affected by Disabilities Too

A new study published today finds that siblings of children with disabilities are more likely than those with typically developing brothers or sisters to struggle with relationships, schoolwork, behavior and leisure time.

The study could not explain why the siblings of disabled kids were more likely to have problems functioning socially or emotionally than kids without a special needs brother or sister. But Anthony Goudie, the report’s lead author, said he’s convinced it has to do with the family situation.

A summary of the study findings is available at Disability Scoop (7/31/13)

The complete studyAssessing Functional Impairment in Siblings Living With Children With Disability. (Goudie, et al). is available in  Pediatrics 2013-0644

Anthony Goudie is Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, College of Medicine


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