AudioNote – Notepad and Voice Recorder

AudioNote  note-taking software that combines the functionality of note-taking and voice recording apps  that saves users time while improving the quality of notes. It is free and available for Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad. Features include:

  • Text or handwritten notes.
  • Record meetings, conferences, interviews, and memos.
  • Share notes with key stakeholders or classmates.
  • Automatic audio amp for recording in large classrooms.
  • Highlight notes during playback.
  • Import lecture slides as background
  • Automatic audio amp for recording in large classrooms
  • Highlighter for key terms

†Feature is  not available on iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android phones

Visit AudioNote – Notepad and Voice Recorder to download the version of choice (Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone,  and iPad) view screen shots,  and to access the user guide.




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