Claro Accessible PDF Reader

Looking for  an accessible PDF reader?

According to  Carol Leynse Harpold, at OT With AppsClaroPDF is a great app that provides text to speech capabilities and annotation tools. If you work with students or adults, this is worth the small price.  Developed by Claro Software, this  innovative software company based in the UK develops and licenses Assistive Software, including speech technology, image technology and touch technology.  The app is available from the iTunes store for iPhone and iPad.

ClaroPDF app features allow:

Annotation features:
-Free Text (type straight into the PDF)
-Free line draw (with many colors, opacity and thickness control)
-Shapes (Circle, Square, Line – with many colors, opacity and thickness control)
-Images (you can even insert Photos from your iPad Camera or Photo Library into the PDF file)

Easily manages PDF Files
– Open PDF files ClaroPDF from other apps

– PDF files can be Saved into the Gallery, sent by e-mail, or opened in other apps supporting the PDF file format

Smart Zoom

Full-Text Search & Navigation

ClaroRead compatibility – ClaroRead Pro and Plus for Windows can scan paper into accessible PDF files, retaining the original page image. Can be opened and spoken in ClaroPDF.



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