The Bradley Timepiece: Tell Time By Touch

Bradley Timepiece Tell time without sight or sound

Bradley Timepiece: With this timepiece, you don’ need sight to tell time. Credit: Eone Time

Watches designed for visually impaired people often look like any other watch. But they usually have a button on them that tells the time out loud.  The voice also sounds like a robot.   And, some blind people dislike talking watches because it draws attention to them.

To solve this attention-getting problem, the  company Eone Time  has designed a timepiece to help people avoid the attention and just tell the time.

Called the Bradley Timepiece,  it uses magnets, and two moving ball bearings, to allow people to tell time by touch. The innovative design is winning praise for its lack of sound and its different appearance.

The timepiece is named after retired US Navy Lt. Bradley Snyder. While serving in Afghanistan in 2011, he lost his sight in an IED explosion.




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