New in iOS 8: Built-in Braille Keyboard for Six-Dot Input

Over at the Assistive Technology blog,  Brian Meesma reviews a new feature in iOS 8 – a built-in Braile keyboard for six-dot input.

iOS 8 includes enhancements to VoiceOver, the built-in gesture based screen reader for people with visual impairments. One of the improvements is a new built-in Braille Keyboard for Six-Dot input. The new feature is similar to the BrailleTouch app released a few years ago with one major difference; the built-in option can be used to enter text into any app directly. The option can be enabled in the VoiceOver rotor. The Braille keyboard will offer VoiceOver users who are familiar with Braille an alternative, and possibly much faster text entry method. iOS 8 will also offers third-party keyboards such as Fleksy which could also offer significantly faster text input for VoiceOver users.

Read the full post at  New in iOS 8: Built-in Braille Keyboard for Six-Dot Input


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