Keeble Keyboard for iPad: Flexible Text Input for Users with Special Needs

Once again, Brian Meersma of the Assistive Technology Blog, has featured a remarkable and very useful app, the Keeble Accessible Keyboard.

The Keeble, App, which costs $15 and is available at the App Store,  is a virtual keyboard for iPad made by AssistiveWare. The app is only available in English for iPads running iOS 8 and above.

As a result of new features available in iOS 8 the Keeble keyboard can be used in almost every app on the iPad including mail, Safari, and messages. Keeble gives users a number of customization options to make text input easier for users with special needs such as motor challenges, dyslexia, and other disabilities.

Brian speaks highly of this app although he does have a specific suggestion for an improvement to the App. To read his full review, including his suggested improvement,  visit, Keeble Keyboard for iPad: Flexible Text Input for Users with Special Needs.


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