Augsburg College Recommends: Free and Low-Cost Assistive Technology

The Center for Learning and Accessible Student Services (CLASS)) at Augsburg College (MN) has a wonderful resource at their website. Featuring free or low-cost assistive technology tools,  CLASS staff provide information about apps and programs that are either free or that cost less than $25.00  The apps are organized by the following categories:

CLASS staff are committed to staying up to date on the latest information about the apps and strive to addthe latest and greatest apps as soon as they come out. CLASS has also made available a downloadable copy of the listings with live links of the entire list of Free and Low Cost Assistive Technology for Everyone,  at this  link: Free and Low Cost Assistive Technology for Everyone

CLASS also  offers a nice over view of what Assistive Technology is and isn’t at  Assistive Technology: What Is It?


WINAHEAD is made up of representatives from thirty institutions. Our members are professionals employed by two- and four-year colleges and universities who work directly with students with disabilities to ensure equal access to higher education. WIN indicates the geographic area we represent: Western Iowa and Nebraska. AHEAD is our national parent organization, the Association on Higher Education and Disability.
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