Inspiration Maps

Stuck on how to tackle a complex  assignment?  Consider brainstorming by mindmapping  using Inspiration Maps. Inspiration Maps is an iPad app that allows you to visually organize information. Inspiration Maps makes it easy to create clear mind maps that can help organize information for an essay or  for working through a multi-step experiment or project. The app is particularly useful  for writing about complicated or complex topics  requiring a well planned and well-organized essay.

The app comes with number of great looking templates for all different subject areas. If none of the templates meet your needs you can create your own. Finished maps can be downloaded as a PDF’ or as PNG for use in other apps.

Initially only for the iPad, the app is now also available for the iPhone.

To learn more about the  Inspiration Map app, Brian Meersma of the Assistive Technology Blog, has written two informative posts about the app.

Inspiration Maps for iPad: Mind Mapping on the iPad

Inspiration Maps Updated with iPhone Support and More



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