8 Simple Ways Parents Can Teach Kids to Get Organized

Children and teens with ADHD and other learning difficulties typically have trouble with organization, time management, and transitioning to living independently. They need specific training on how to manage those skills, which are crucial for college and beyond.

But, to varying degrees, nearly all young people have trouble with these issues says Elizabeth C. Hamblet, a consultant and  learning specialist at Columbia University, where she helps students with time management, organization, reading, and study skills.

Hamlet recently authored a piece, 8 Simple Ways Parents Can Teach Kids to Get Organized, for Time Magazine, that offers eight tips all parents can do (or stop doing) to help their kids manage their time better, get organized and live without mom and dad doing everything.  This article and other helpful pieces can also be found at Hamblet’s site, Families and Students Preparation for College.

Readers may also click on the image below to access a PDF   copy of the article.





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