Screen Readers for Android Phones

Looking for a screen reader for an Android Phone or other device?

Most of us take being able to see everything on our high-resolution Androids for granted. Folks who have a hard time seeing the overload of information that a modern smartphone has to offer will need some assistance. For Android users, two to consider are Google TalkBack and Eyes Free Shell.

Google TalkBack uses vibration, spoken word and other audible feedback to tell users what is on the screen.  It’s easy to install and Google has a TalkBack support page to help users learn how to install and use TalkBack.  AndroidCentral offers a review of TalkBack  at What is GoogleTalkBack?

Eyes-Free Shell is another android app  which is an alternative home screen or launcher for drivers and other people who don’t or can’t look at the screen. It gives blind and visually impaired users a way of interacting with the touch screen to check status information, launch other applications, and direct dial or message a contact.

The app was last updated August 14, 2015 and the current version is 3.5.0  It works on Android 2.1 and up.

Although written in 2010, How Do I Use the Eyes-Free Shell?  provides a useful introduction to  Eyes-Free  Shell and its features.



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