Off to College with Diabetes

Moving from home to college can be tough on students with diabetes, as well as their  families. It’s important for everyone involved in this transition – health care providers, parents, and students – to prepare, and to make sure that everyone is on the same page.  the College Disability Network (CDN) has created multiple resources for all of these individuals to help ease this transition.

The CDN was created out of a need young adults have experienced for years, and we have become a hub of resources, support, and understanding for this under-served population.

College students have a responsibility to create a plan for themselves that keeps them safe – just like any other adult with diabetes does. The College Diabetes Network does a great job of assisting students with that transition. Register for Accommodations

The site has a wealth of  information including information on how to manage eating in a dining hall,  There are also resources for  parents and others in the student’s support network.

If you are a college student with diabetes or are a parent, medical professional or a college disability services provider, working with a college student with diabetes, it’s worth the time to explore the CDN site.