For Iowa Students and Parents

Transitioning to college can be exciting and stressful because it means a lot of big changes in a short time. That’s exciting — and challenging. The more prepared students are for college before arriving, the better off they (and their parents) will be.  Being prepared is especially important for students with disabilities. The resources found here are specific to students in Iowa schools.

Iowa College Student Aid Commission (Iowa College Aid) – Student Resources:  his page contains resources offered by Iowa College Aid and our partners which students can trust when planning the next phase of their life. Iowa College Aid also provides Your Course to College, a comprehensive guide that includes information on planning, preparing and paying for college. Order your free copy along with other college and career planning materials from Iowa College Aid’s list of free publications.

Post-Secondary Academic Scholarships for Students with Disabilities:  Iowa Compass,  is the source for Iowans to find information on  disability services and assistive technology.  Also available at Iowa Compass is this of post-secondary academic scholarships for students with disabilities.

Iowa Department of Education – Adult, Career, and Community Colleges:  Resources here help provide guidance to Iowans in the areas of career and technical education, workforce training and economic development, adult education and literacy, military education, the state mandated OWI education program, the GAP Tuition program, Senior Year Plus, the National Crosswalk Service Center, the Statewide Intermediary Network, and the Pathways for Academic Career and Employment (PACE) program.  Information and contacts for each of these programs are displayed on the various program web pages.

Transition Iowa: For youth with disabilities, the transition from high school to adulthood is one that requires a LOT of planning and collaboration. Resources at this site provide information and tools youth, their families and professionals can use to plan for a successful move to adult living learning and working.

Transition Planning Guide: This transition planning timeline is made available from the Keystone Area Education Agency of northeast Iowa.

Transition Resources for Iowa Parents: Transition Planning resources for parents provided via the Keystone Area Education Agency which serves 23 schools in northeastern Iowa.

DisABILITY Rights IOWA-Law Center for Protection and Advocacy: Disability Rights IOWA aims to defend and promote the human and legal rights of Iowans who have disabilities and mental illness. We promote safety, opportunity, access, and self-determination for all Iowans through a program of: self-advocacy education, information, and referral; non-legal advocacy; and legal and systems advocacy.  DRI works in many areas, including education and employment, qualifying for services and more.