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Fact Sheets: “What is ADD/HD?” and “Elements of Focus”

ADD and ADHD If you have ADD or ADHD, or suspect you do, check out “What is ADD/HD?” which briefly describes what ADD and ADHD are, describes strengths and offers strategies to be more effective in the classroom and while … Continue reading

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Don’t Have ADHD? Meds Won’t Improve Grades

The National Resource Center on ADHD (NRCA)** August 17, 2017 ADHD Weekly,  reports that the rumored effects of taking stimulant medication as a as a study or test-taking aid in their quest for higher grades is a false promise. According … Continue reading

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8 Simple Ways Parents Can Teach Kids to Get Organized

Children and teens with ADHD and other learning difficulties typically have trouble with organization, time management, and transitioning to living independently. They need specific training on how to manage those skills, which are crucial for college and beyond. But, to … Continue reading

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The Inside Track: ADHD Tips From My College Years

Rae Jacobson has ADHD.  She survived college and is now is a writer from Brooklyn, New York. Her special interest is ADHD and learning disabilities in women and girls, drawing on her own experiences with ADHD.    In this post from  … Continue reading

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ADHD by the Numbers: Facts, Statistics, and You

The health education website, Healthline.com recently published an infographic detailing  ADHD statistics and numbers. The infographic  it showcases the high cost of ADHD and shows which states ADHD is the  most prevalent in. You can see the graphic here: ADHD by the … Continue reading

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