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DO-IT Video Resources

The  DO-IT  Center has a collection of  short, well done videos which cover a wide variety of topics of relevance to students, employers, parents, librarians, IT and DSS staff. The videos focus more on the experience of having a disability  than on the law. The DO-IT video library may be found here. DO-IT Video Library. … Continue reading DO-IT Video Resources


How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Going to college can be exciting and challenging for any student. For students who have never had to advocate for themselves, the transition from high school to college can be difficult. The answers to each of these five questions can help students with disabilities transitioning to college better understand themselves and their needs. In addition, … Continue reading How Well Do You Know Yourself?

AXS Map: The That Maps Obstacles for the Disabled

For most people, going shopping, to the  movies or meeting friends for dinner at a new restaurant, shouldn’t require too much advanced planning. Just show up and walk in. For wheelchair users  such as Jason DaSilva who lives in New York City, these simple actions harbor hidden obstacles that often make them nearly impossible to … Continue reading AXS Map: The That Maps Obstacles for the Disabled