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Keeble Keyboard for iPad: Flexible Text Input for Users with Special Needs

Once again, Brian Meersma of the Assistive Technology Blog, has featured a remarkable and very useful app, the Keeble Accessible Keyboard. The Keeble, App, which costs $15 and is available at the App Store,  is a virtual keyboard for iPad … Continue reading

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iPad mini, Nexus 7, or Kindle Fire HDX: Which Tablet is Best for People with Dyslexia?

Frequently reviews of iPads, Tablets, smart phones and other technology, focus on on battery life, pixel density, and processor speed, and the latest “gee-whiz” feature  update. Brian Meersma at the Assistive Technology Blog went one step further in his review of … Continue reading

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Claro Accessible PDF Reader

Looking for  an accessible PDF reader? According to  Carol Leynse Harpold, at OT With Apps,  ClaroPDF is a great app that provides text to speech capabilities and annotation tools. If you work with students or adults, this is worth the small price.  Developed … Continue reading

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Apps for Students with Dyslexia

The Assistive Technology Blog has done a nice round-up of apps and products for students with dyslexia.  Featured apps and products include: Co:writer – Co:Writer’s most unique and noteworthy feature is the ability to use topic dictionaries to improve word … Continue reading

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Innovative Ideas Braillie App and Dyslexie

The power of technological innovation is sometimes astounding. BraillieTouch Mario Romero a post-doctoral researcher at Georgia Institute of Technology has co-developed an app, called BrailleTouch, that could help blind people send text messages and type e-mails on touch-screen smartphones. The … Continue reading

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