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Fact Sheets: “What is ADD/HD?” and “Elements of Focus”

ADD and ADHD If you have ADD or ADHD, or suspect you do, check out “What is ADD/HD?” which briefly describes what ADD and ADHD are, describes strengths and offers strategies to be more effective in the classroom and while … Continue reading

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Autistifying My Habitat

This post from the blog, Radical Neurodivergence Speaking,  describes one individual’s efforts to make her  apartment and her life accessible to her.  The author, “Neurodivergent K” has developed her own style  to aid in  remembering things. This system, or components … Continue reading

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Manage Your Time with Timely Time Teller App for iOS

Timely Time Teller is a simple  iOS app that gives  users repeating alerts at specified  intervals. When alerts are turned on, Timely verbally tells you the time at  set intervals.  The app is nicely described in the video below.  Its … Continue reading

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