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Tips for First-Year Students

Tip #1: Go To Class New students often hear that in college, "you can go to class anytime you want." NOT TRUE. Some classes may seem less interesting than others, but college is not for entertainment. Experienced students often say that the more time they spend in class, the less time they need to study … Continue reading Tips for First-Year Students


Tips on the Difference Between High School and College

Although school is out for the summer, some new graduates may be getting ready for  college in the fall. Newly minted high school seniors (and some high school juniors) are beginning to think about their plans post-high school.  This guide is a simple reminder that  venturing off to college is huge step, and quite different … Continue reading Tips on the Difference Between High School and College

How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Going to college can be exciting and challenging for any student. For students who have never had to advocate for themselves, the transition from high school to college can be difficult. The answers to each of these five questions can help students with disabilities transitioning to college better understand themselves and their needs. In addition, … Continue reading How Well Do You Know Yourself?