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Social Media, the ‘Net’ and Disability

During summer 2011, I participated in an online continuing education program called "23 Things for Professional Development." The program leaders described "23 Things" as "a self-directed course aimed at introducing you to a range of tools that could help your personal and professional development as a librarian, information professional or something else. Each week, we'll … Continue reading Social Media, the ‘Net’ and Disability


Social Media and Accessible Technology

This summer, I participated in "CPD 23 Things," an online continuing education opportunity sponsored in part by the Nebraska Library Commission. Participants (librarians) experimented with a variety of social media tools (e.g., Prezi, Pushnote, Google Docs, Evernote, citeulike and many more). We were to experiment with items discussed in one or more posts ("Things") each … Continue reading Social Media and Accessible Technology